Covid 19 Mathletics

Camp and Afterschool Guidelines


All attendees must ensure that they are currently well and have had no Covid 19 symptoms at least 14 days prior to the attending.


All attendees must inform the coach/ designated Covid 19 Camp Officer if they or any of their family members have visited another country recently.


Upon arrival all attendees will have their temperature taken with a non contact thermometer.

(Group start times may be staggered to facilitate this)


If any attendee becomes unwell with Covid 19 symptoms throughout the day, they will be isolated and a parent will be contacted to collect their child.

Please familiarise yourself with the current HSE Covid 19 symptoms list.


Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions some afterschool /camps may be outside only, therefore attendees must have appropriate raingear each day. Please note classes/camps can be cancelled at short notice due to extreme weather conditions. 


A designated Covid 19 Officer will be assigned to monitor the camp. They will be available to discuss any Covid 19 queries directly before and after camp hours. 


All attendees must ensure they have had no contact with anyone self isolating or displaying Covid 19 symptoms within 14 days attending.


All attendees to camps will be allocated a drop off and collection point that will be specific to their group/pod to facilitate social distancing.

(Parents will also  be asked not to congregate in the vicinity)


If any attendee displays a high temperature on arrival at camp they will be asked to return home with their parent immediately and will be advised to contact their GP for further advise.


All attendees will be asked to social distance within their allocated group/pod while practicing hand hygiene throughout the day at the hand sanitising stations provided.


Each staff member will be equipped with the correct PPE if administering First Aid.